Say Goodbye to Fake Insurance Certificates

Secure real-time verification process is democratized through DIMVIC in order to achieve the following benefits,

Verify the authenticity and present status of motor insurance certificates with DMVIC

Check the present insurance Policy Status.

    Universal Insurance Verification
  • Anybody - Police, Governing Agencies, Insured, Insurer, Intermediaries.

  • Any Channel – Computer, Smart phone, Feature phone.

  • Any state of connection – Online, Offline.

  • Anywhere – On the Road, At your parking, Indoor.

  • Anytime - High Availability System is ready to instant verify policy from the moment it is issued.

Digitize Your Insurance Business With No Hassles

Take Data-driven Action

DIMVIC continuously analyzes your data to provide new insights that benefit all stakeholders.

Scheduled KPI reports for the decision makers.

On demand reports that helps to make new moves.

Realtime Stock inventory & Transactional visibility across stakeholders.

Data Visualization through BI Tools

Use Our Domain Expertise to Supercharge Your Business

Zero setup charge. Pay per insurance certificate after consumption on monthly basis.

Measuring Business Outcomes

C- A- R- E

    New business capabilities


    Manual and redundant operations


    Operational overheads and manual tasks


    Business capabilities

Take Advantage of a Proven System

Production ready from day 1 (additional customizations guaranteed within 10 weeks).

Guaranteed 99.9% System availability (Proven Zero downtime for all our existing systems).

Data security is our priority, VIP uses proven algorithms like SHA 256 and AES to guard the data.

All digital certificates are stored in non-editable, immutable storage.

Under peak or no load, system performance is consistent Optional private blockchain for insurance Certificates

24x7 Technical Support.