Maximum Reach Isn't Hard

We understand the insurance business model and customer needs. InVIP allows you to sell digital
policies around the clock in all possible channels.

  • Ubiquitous Channel

    Traditional (Mobile App / Web) + New Age (Bot driven messaging Platform like WhatsApp / SMS / USSD / Chatbot etc..)​

  • User-driven Growth

    Referral programs increases business growth as customers bring new customers​​

  • Uninterrupted Service

    Instant quotes generated by customer-driven highly available system.​

Underwriting Ease + Authenticity + Compliance.
Would You Say No?

Through AI & ML, InVIP captures documents and extracts the information without requiring
the insured to do so manually. ML Assisted Features include the following:

Facilitate Win-Win- Win by Coexistence

We understand the efforts that each insurance company puts into building their existing ecosystem. We ensure its continued existence.

Using your terms, we make VIP system communicate with your core systems.

​​​You continue to operate your insurance business using the existing system.

You can continue to do business with the existing stakeholders in digital way.

System Designed by Domain Experts With Care

Zero setup charge. Upon sale, pay per claim on a monthly basis.

Measuring Business Outcomes

C- A- R- E

    New business Capabilities


    Manual & redundant operations


    Operational Overheads & manual tasks


    Business Capabilities

Take Advantage of the Power of Proven System

Zero setup charge. Upon sale, pay per claim on a monthly basis.

Production ready from day 1 (additional customizations guaranteed within 10 weeks).

Guaranteed 99.9% System availability ( Proven Zero downtime for all our existing systems).

Data security is our priority, VIP uses proven algorithms like SHA 256 & AES to guard the data.

All Policy certificates are stored in non-editable, immutable storage.​

Under peak or no load, system performance is consistent.

24x7 Technical Support.