Introducing the Future of the Video Conferencing

I3 Secure Connect offers the following benefits:

  • App-less video conferencing

  • Face Match with government-approved ID​​

  • Authentic Geotagging to the video with location spoof detection​

  • Identity verified user admission to meetings​

  • User-defined access controls.

  • Auto record meeting​​

Communicate With Evidence

System Designed by Domain Experts With Care

Zero setup charge. Pay per Insurance certificate after consumption on monthly basis.

Measuring Business Outcomes

C- A- R- E

    New business Capabilities


    Manual & redundant operations


    Operational Overheads & manual tasks


    Business Capabilities

Take Advantage of the Power of Proven System

Zero setup charge. Upon sale, pay per claim on a monthly basis.

Production ready from day 1 (additional customizations guaranteed within 10 weeks).

Guaranteed 99.9% System availability ( Proven Zero downtime for all our existing systems).

Data security is our priority, VIP uses proven algorithms like SHA 256 & AES to guard the data.

All Digital Claim Asserts are stored in non-editable, immutable storage.

Under peak or no load, system performance is consistent.

24x7 Technical Support.